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Search engine optimization or “SEO” is the practice of properly presenting your website to the search engines so it will show in the search engine results page or “SERP”.  The pages shown in a search engine are a result of the customer search quarry or “Keywords” being run through a complex algorithm with a variety of factors and importance.

With the increased amount of customers searching for businesses or services online, SEO has never been more important. If a potential customer is trying to find your service and you’re not in the results then there is a tremendous opportunity being missed. We can help you capture more business and grow your brand through confident and long lasting optimization practices.

SEO is the backbone of online businesses. It enhances the online visibility of a website by placing it in top positions. Top rank for a business website means more visitors, more customers and more profits. This is the simple and logical relation between SEO and business.

If you own business website and looking for ways to increase brand awareness, get it optimized and results will definitely be better. The reason is simple. Who will bother to visit your page if it’s coming after say 4-5 places? Top ranking websites get most of the hits while others are left struggling to get clicks.

However, don’t think that SEO is any magic that can do wonders to turn you into a business tycoon. It’s the planning, the management and the way of promoting websites by following best practices. We chart out different SEO services for different types of websites and this is one of the primary reasons of success. This is the area that is evolving fast and stereotypical work will fall flat. This is the reason we research for the best possible options and act accordingly.

There are many factors when a search engine is trying to determine what websites to feature in their search results. There are many opinions on what a search engine takes into account and how much weight they put into each factor. This pie chart shows information on possible ranking factors.

Each search engine has a unique algorithm and put different weight into each ranking factor given below:

Links: Links to a page on your website from other websites are a strong factor for your rankings.

Anchor Text: Refers to the text that is displayed on a link to your website.

Keywords: Managing how you use your keywords on your home page is of great importance for both SEO and lowing the cost of your pay per click campaigns by increasing your page’s add score.

Traffic and Click Through Rates: Search engines factor in how many times your website is shown vs clicked on. Time spent on the site, how many pages were viewed and how much time spent on each page are taken into account.

Social Media: Increasingly every year having good social media followings are important for your rankings. Facebook, Google +, You Tube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more social media venues are very good and lend your websites online trust.

Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing and management is a big task. You need to provide an engaging and entertaining form for your customers and people who share interests in your respective business. Hard work that goes into coming up with fresh content and interesting topics to post will keep your audience engaged. Building a community of online friends and business associates will help spread the word about your business and services.

Trust and Site Authority: Trust is built by good clean SEO practice and making sure that your website is not getting linked by link farms, untrusted directories and generally bad internet neighborhoods. Trust is what your website will achieve by having all the above ranking factors in good clean working order. When everything is working together your website will gain trust from the search engines and gain the keyword rankings you desire.

Mehran SEO services is the leading SEO services in Sindh province and offers affordable SEO services. With years of experience and many satisfied customers we are a safe affordable choice for all your SEO needs.

We have worked with small local companies national and international brands to help them get the most out of their website and online business. We believe in doing SEO the proper way with no short cuts. Our work will stand the test of time and any future algorithm update that the search engines may integrate.

At Mehran SEO we strive to make the internet a better and easier place for people to find the services that they are looking for. Search engines like Google work hard to ensure that their results are the best possible for the searcher and we like to help.

It is our greatest mission to supply affordable and effective SEO for your small or large business. Contact Us on

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